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Higher Self: Growing Inside of Us

(Submited by: Alma De La Cruz )

Maybe once in a lifetime, we find ourselves seeking spiritual growth mostly when everything we try to do is hard to achieve. Among the many questions that consequently come out are: Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a Higher ... Read article

Little Known Facts on The Importance of Self Image

(Submited by: Emily Clark )

It is not a surprise to most people that health studies point to popular culture as a perpetrator of body image which has corresponded to the self image and well being of women AND men.What may surprise you is that this is not a new ... Read article

How to be Your Authentic Self

(Submited by: Beth Densmore )

Most of us play many different roles in the course of any given day. We could be Mom, Boss, Employee, Student or Friend, to name just a few. Very often we identify ourselves by those roles. When asked, Who are you/ we say, Im a wife and ... Read article

Accepting Yourself No Matter What

(Submited by: Barbara Rose )

I can relate to just about anybody who does not fully and completely accept Self for who they are. I struggled with unconditional self acceptance for many years, and now that Ive found out how to fully accept myself, unconditionally, I wanted to ... Read article

Building Unshakeable Self Confidence!

(Submited by: Mary Gardner )

One of things that Charismatic people share is an unshakeable self confidence. It comes from deep within and its the knowing that everything will be okay. Its a faith that their life is going somewhere and it has purpose. These people often are ... Read article

Self Improvement and a Strong Work Ethic

(Submited by: Garry Zancanaro )

If we want to make more of ourselves and our lives, and seek self improvement, it is essential to develop a strong work ethic. If we are in a job or a situation that we dislike, we must be prepared to make a decision. We must decide to either do ... Read article

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