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Does Introspection Assist in Self Progression?

Why would we need to examine our lives? What benefit does it yield? Isnt it just rehashing the past?

All of these questions have merit and I will examine each in this article.

Self progression has a strong tie to ones willingness to be able to reflect on pertinent decisions. Moreover, this task, if done daily and immediately after an action or decision, can bear much fruit.

Have you ever sat and stared out at something beautiful like a glassy lake or a foggy mountain and simply thought about your life and what it seemingly means?

This, simply put, is the nuts and bolts of introspection. To introspect is, in basic terms, reflecting or self examining what certain things mean to you. Introspection allows you to ask yourself why you should or shouldnt have done something a certain way.

Asking poignant, yet logical, questions to yourself and resolving to come out more insightful because of this action, clears the ambiguities of life.

Becoming accountable to yourself as well as others is an extremely empowering concept. This means that whatever comes around the bend or up the hill, you are resolved to face it without the worry of contaminating something due to your actions or lack thereof.

This, in turn, certainly becomes a sort of purification process and eases any turmoils that rattle your subconscious. Its truly beneficial to resist stagnation, strive for self progression, and discover introspections significant importance.

Without a doubt, many people would argue that the past is just the past, and rehashing it is merely a waste of time, so just move forward.

Well, moving forward is one thing. However, dissecting your recent and long-term past, is truly the only way we can learn from our mistakes, keeping those lessons learned always in our back pocket.

Dont be afraid to be critical, if your actions or lack thereof, warrant it.

In self examination, sometimes you need to be a tough critic. This concept raises the bar of standards and ensures that it doesnt naturally slide downward due to self-neglect.

Constantly moving forward should only proceed once examination and accountability has been achieved. It is definitely nothing less than horrible advice to forget about everything when people say this. It is basically saying turn the other cheek to reality and step away by moving forward.

Although, there are many scenarios in life, like a breakup in a relationship, where sometimes moving forward sooner than later is indicated; however, these still need the assistance of introspection.

In the event your ego is simply too important because everything you do or touch usually turns to gold and silver anyway, then its time to check that at the door.

By not checking your ego or narcissism, your simply becoming like that of a plant that never grows. You are always fed with water and sunlight but, due to your lack of introspection, you stay static amongst the many others becoming taller and stronger around you.

Committing to yourself to daily self examination will undoubtedly improve your moral character, but more importantly, help in your overall self progression. Resolve to become and stay permanently committed.

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